Parroting ideological nonsense or: The crypto world needs more women

On the website of the — maybe in the 80ies? — renowned company Forbes, there’s an interesting article:

The crypto wolrd needs more women

The article contains the usual „woke“ claims: More women will increase diversity, make the products better, the company and the industry more successful, and so on.

But this time, I think, it’s quite obvious that the author is just parroting ideological nonsense, because:

In my opinion, crypto currencies are a fraud. Crypto may be a playing field for adventurers, and people may have put lots of money into „crypto coins“, but it’s very possible that this is just the tulip mania of our time and the market will ultimately collapse completely.
Either because people will finally stop believing that digital tokens are worth money, or because of shortcomings of the „currencies“ (like, high effort for confirming a transaction, slow processing times, high energy costs), because of hacks undermining the trust into the fungibility of the tokens, or maybe because of deflation (people losing keys for coins).

So in my honest opionion, crypto currencies are NOT an „industry“ with great chances. It’s not unfair that fewer women have invested in crypto coins than men, I’d rather assume that it shows that women are less easy to dazzle with nonsensical techno-babble than men. With less women as CEOs of crypto enterprises, we’ll probably later see less women in jail. Less women will become super rich because idiots gave them money, but also, less women will lose all their money and commit suicide. That’s also not unfair.

Also, crypto currencies are no products you can change permanently. There is no way how gender specific experiences could be applied to the algorithms, the math, or the trading of a crypto currency. You cannot give crypto coins gender-specific packaging or something, you could just adapt the strategy of your crypto fraud in a way that you can better con also women.
So all the talk about „we need more women in the crypto world“, in my opinion, exposes itself as pure parroting of ideological woke feminist talking points, which the author does unaware of the utter absurdity of her presentation.