How I almost broke my Windows 10 with the Hypervisor feature

I’d like to mention I recently sent my Windows 10 into a „restart death spiral“ by installing the Microsoft Hypervisor feature in Windows 10 (Professional). I just wanted to see if this would enable to use the Android Simulator on my old PC (…but probably it would have been the completely wrong feature anyway).

On an older AMD (Phenom II) chip, Windows 10 didn’t really work, and also didn’t really allow to fix anything (automatic recovery didn’t work; no restore points were available; not recent feature updated could be de-installed; PowerShell was not included in the recovery environment; and so on…). No matter which option I selected after booting into the recovery mode again and again, Windows crashed just too early during boot.

What finally worked was completely disabling the virtualization in the Bios. This made Windows accessible again and allowed to de-install the Hypervisor feature using the settings dialogue.