At ESA, people are allowed to wear sexist T-shirts!!!1!

Internet feminists have complained about an ESA scientist wearking a T-shirt they think is sexist, because it depicts „sexualized comic characters“.

Well, this is kind of absurd, think I thought feminists where against slut-shaming, but these feminists, in all honesty, claim to fear that this T-shirt may repel women from becoming (rocket) scientists.

Actually, I studied informatics, and as I know women who have the interest in tech required to succeed in the technical/mathematical fields, they are not easily repelled by anything.
Maybe in the gender-studies departments where average internet feminists hide in women-only safe spaces, women exist who are so mentally unstable you can severely shock them with comic art.

But real, normal, average women can never ever be hindered from the pursuit of their interests, cannot be prevented from choosing their favorite major in university, by someone wearing a T-shirt, no matter what it’s depicting.
And I think that women were so easily to repel is a ridiculous claim. It is rendering women as weak, helpless, mentally unstable people who need to be protected from even so negligible „threats“ as men wearing T-shirts with comic characters. It’s exactly the picture of women as „damsels in distress“ they are painting, which other internet gender feminists claim to fight against.

But let us as assume, for some moment, that women generally were that easily offended by depictions of women internet gender feminists do not think are the way women according to gender feminist morale should be depicted, or by „sexualized“ things.

If so: How comes that so many women study arts and psychology?.

You know, psychology means you may be confronted with all kinds of odd facts about humans, including sexually pathologically disturbed men, even more disturbed than those wearing „sexist“ T-shirts in public.

And arts, even worse, means you may have to deal with the history of arts, which is, according to internet gender feminists, a history of patriarchy, suppression of woman, and poisoned with misogynistic depictions of women, including the work of Helmut Newton and others.

So, shouldn’t these disciplines repel women very strongly? Shouldn’t arts and psychology be completely male-dominated, if the claims of internet gender feminists regarding how easily women were offending were even remotely true?
Obviously, the women-easy-to-repel-theory of the internet gender feminist fashion police is completely made up. Obviously most women are not repelled by the things internet gender feminists think are unbearable not only for them, but most women.

So please, internet gender feminist fashion police: Please don’t fuss about scientists T-shirts. Stop displaying women as more interested in clothes but in science, stop displaying women as mentally weak people who could be repelled from studying what they want by guys with T-shirts depicting female comic characters.